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AFTER TWO YEARS OF living in Naples, Italy where pets are free to use the sidewalks for their daily business, I was shocked to be in Augusta and find the same! Citizens of Augusta, pick up after your pets. Don’t make the sidewalks and curbs a waste dump. We need a clean city.


I WAS TROUBLED TO learn that Paine College had been placed on probation by its accrediting body for repeating financial and management failures. How can the Paine president claim to have made great strides in correcting the financial and management issues when they’ve been sanctioned for the same failures? Why has The Augusta Chronicle editorial staff been silent on this matter? Surely, this is an issue of great importance to students and the Augusta community. How can the city contemplate giving Paine College millions of dollars, when the institution is so clearly mismanaged? Come on Chronicle, this is a matter that warrants the same level of scrutiny that you’ve given GRU.


RANT TO REPUBLICANS who blame Obama for the VA scandal when reports in 2004 showed the same problems on their presidential watch. Since then, the GOP Congress has underfunded the VA and made no attempt to fix it until they could blame someone else.


I WOULD SUGGEST THAT even if you are antigun, go buy weapons and ammunition, because when a president does not protect our borders and intentionally divides us as a nation, civil war and domestic violence are around the corner.


LIBERALS ARE DISMAYED that House Majority Leader Cantor lost and Lindsey Graham gets raked over the coals-because both men are “bipartisan” and are willing to “compromise” with Democrats. A better term for the actions of these two would be “surrender.” If Graham had any integrity, he would admit he is a Democrat and run as such.


DO WE NEED TWO pictures of Tiger Woods in our paper today? He looks old, overweight and sad! Should have retired when he was ahead! So many young great players out there today!


THE PROBLEMS AT the VA will never be solved as long as a union is involved.


THIS IS A RANT FOR the present administration. This president is the most ignorant, moronic, narcissistic, destructive president this country has ever had. This president could destroy an anvil in the middle of the ocean!!



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Rants and raves