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THE FOURTH OF JULY should remind us once again that this really is the greatest country on earth. It stays that way because we are free to pursue happiness. Free to worship the way we want. Free to express ourselves in forums such as this one.


A RAVE FOR THE person who turned in my grandmother’s wallet at the Lowe’s on Peach Orchard Road. Thank you for your honesty and God bless you!


AS A VIETNAM VET, hearing all the negative talk about the VA hospital system I want to say that the VA hospital here in Augusta and the VA Hospital in Nashville Tenn. have taken very good care of me. In March 2012 I was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia, if not for the VA I would not be here today. My thanks go to all of the staff in Hemo/Oncology at Charlie Norwood VA in Augusta and the Vanderbilt University/ Nashville VA Transplant Team for a great job well done. Thank You!


IN REGARD TO THE charitable labor contributed by Jim Crowell, owner/operator of Lawn Enforcement on Pisgah Road, North Augusta, and Jonathan Brantley, owner/ operator of Atomic Road Deer Processing: After the ice storm, these fellows picked up and properly disposed of debris for at least a solid week. Especially for those of us too aged or infirm to do that work, ourselves. They would NOT accept ANY compensation for their labor, gasoline, etc. Kudos.


A HUGE RAVE TO Allen Cross from Cool Ray Heating and Air. For seven years we have had problems with our A/C going out; usually happened twice a year. Several people have come out to look at it but never could fix it. We were going to have the whole unit replaced. Allen came out and saw that the blade in the outside unit was installed upside down. A simple fix that saved us thousands of dollars. Thanks so much, Cool Ray Heating and Air!


THIS RAVE IS FOR the manager at Ryan’s on Peach Orchard Road. Thank you, thank you for providing ice for the World Changers when our (Fleming Baptist Church) ice machine decided to stop making ice. We had over 200 hot teens and adults that had worked outside all day. You said yes without a hesitation. Thank you.


YOU KEEP ASKING God to bless America, and you are already blessed. Be thankful. You have plenty of food, plenty of clothes, and a job. You are already blessed, so give God the praise and glory and stop being so mean to one another.


RAVE FOR THE LADY who wrote article on buyer beware on homes. I commend her.


I THINK TIGER WOODS should have played his first golf game in several months against Lucy Li. She is so much cuter than him and doesn’t have an oversized opinion of herself! She could beat him!



Tue, 12/12/2017 - 19:42

Rants and raves