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SHAME ON PAINE College officials for jeopardizing their school! I bet Gilbert and others are rolling in their graves over this. May we please ask the great GRU Hull College of Business to take over the accounting management of the place? Perhaps have their seniors intern there and turn things around? Think of what a fine addition to their résumé that would be!


PEOPLE ARE ALWAYS complaining about others using handicapped parking. Lots of people who can walk inside stores without assistance and who look perfectly healthy, are not. Others medical problems, such as heart disease, kidney trouble, on dialysis, a multitude of things could be wrong with them. “Don’t judge a book by its cover!”


WHY NOT DANCING Without Stars?


PEOPLE WHO DO not understand terrorist-for-traitor deals need to realize that is how politicians and businessmen transfer hundreds of millions of government dollars into Swiss bank accounts under the guise of “national security.”


SHAME ON MANIGAULT for leaving her newborn hidden in the car. A big rave to the person who heard the cries and crawled through the roof to get to the baby.


I AM OFFENDED by the name Boston Celtics. As descendant of the Scots and the Irish, I find my ancestry being associated with large men running up an down a basketball court offensive. Can we get the trademarked name Celtic taken away from them?


JOHN MCCAIN, LINDSEY Graham and Karl Rove want to send our military back into Iraq. We should never have been there in the first place. Now, Obama is sending “advisers.” If we could not win with hundreds of thousands of combat troops, what can this accomplish except to get more Americans killed?


RANT TO OUR military. You don’t need any men on the ground in Iraq. We have drones. Just bomb all our military equipment in the areas overtaken by ISIS.


THE ONLY THING MORE disgraceful than what Obama is doing to this country is the working-class Americans sitting on their hands letting him do it.


RANT TO THE PEOPLE who think Lindsey Graham and Eric Cantor are “too liberal.” The problem isn’t them – it’s you. You’ve gone so far conservative that you’re leaving everybody behind – even if you don’t count the die-hard liberals.


Thu, 07/27/2017 - 23:04

Rants and raves