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HOW WONDERFUL OF Starbucks to offer health care for even their part-time workers and now educational benefits, too. It shows that not every company making millions of dollars in profits has to be greedy and refuse to raise salaries or offer health care. When such millionaire profiteers refuse to do right by workers and falsely blame the Affordable Care Act, they are showing they do not deserve the business that made them millionaires.


THANK YOU SO MUCH to the people who helped us on Laney-Walker Boulevard. You guys were driving a black Jeep, and we were in a red Cavalier. Our car wouldn’t start and you helped us out. Thank you very much; our family truly appreciates it. It is nice to know that people will stop and help without asking. Have a great day!


WHEN OUR SON was in the fifth grade, he was made to stand in the hall for chewing gum. Our president chewed gum throughout the D-Day memorial service at Sword Beach in France, and Secretary Hagel’s aide chewed gum at the hearing on the Taliban prisoner exchange. Is this a new custom of showing disdain? How very inconsiderate.


MY HUSBAND HAD a stroke June 2. I would like to give a big thank you to the Martinez emergency team, Uni­ver­sity Hospital doctors and nurses in the emergency room and ICU. Kathy and Sheila, his nurses, were especially appreciated.


THIS PINEHURST GOLF course looks like it is in about the same condition as The Patch here in Augusta. The PGA and Pinehurst should be ashamed to have such a prestigious golf tournament on such a dog track.


WRDW SAID a number of our veterans had been waiting for 10 years for service at the Augusta VA. I find it hard to believe, without their showing the proof or evidence, that veterans of our armed forces would stand by and allow themselves to be abused for 10 years without contacting their congressional member. Please look into this and post the evidence if you can find it.


EVERYBODY SHOULD BE brief. Some of the Rants & Raves are getting too long.


IF I WERE LOCKED up at Guantanamo for no reason other than suspicion of being a terrorist and spent years under those conditions, when I got out, I would seek revenge also. We are creating those monsters, most of them.



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