Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



YOU HAD BETTER watch the hateful, falsely fueled rants against President Obama. See what happened to Eric Cantor? Enough sensible people rallied against his $5 million campaigns to surprise him. Others who insist on pursuing hateful rantings with no sensible solutions to problems they wrongfully blame will suffer on the Republican sides. I am looking forward to more glorious falls!


PRESIDENT OBAMA spends his time fundraising for the Democratic Party and ignores his day job as president of the United States. Since the American taxpayers are paying his salary, Obama needs to turn over every cent he has raised or give up his job.


THE ONES WITH the guns I worry about are not their licenses but their mental states. There are several national incidents of licensed gun owners who went out and shot up kids and people in public places with their guns. I work at a place that serves lots of customers. In the past few years, I’ve encountered nice people who slowly change and act all weird in a way that is scary. I can’t tell if they are going to be a danger to me or anyone when they start talking and acting weird. Is there any legal way to get an authority figure to check on these people? Please tell us regular people how to deal with people who change strangely.


I’M GLAD TO HEAR that the jails are under a “no cash” system and that it cuts into ability to pay crooks or even “legal crooks” to do illegal things. Why should prisoners get every single thing free? They are supposed to pay for their crimes!


I HEARTILY AGREE with refinancing student loans at the current lower rates. Most other groups of citizens get to refinance at a lower rate at times. But I completely object to ever forgiving any loans after 10 or even 20 years. There’s no way any students or any other class of residents need to be encouraged to drag their heels in paying back so that they can have any amounts forgiven at all. That is not the way to teach students about financial responsibility.


WILL THE RICHMOND County sheriff’s deputy speeding down Walton Way Extension and Jackson Road in an unmarked car on a recent Saturday night slow down? With no flashing lights, that is dangerous. Had you driven slowly enough for us to call dispatchers with your license tag, we would have.