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THE IRS LOST $67 million in Obamacare funds. Now they claim they have lost two years of E-mails from Lois Learner. Gee, could I get out of my taxes claiming I lost things?


IF WE CANNOT make our communities safer with the Congress we have now, we the people will use every means available to make sure we have a different Congress - one that puts communities interest ahead of the gun lobbies.


WHAT IS IT WITH THIS Republican mentality of business owners and management not really caring about their employees (compensation, work/life balance, overall treatment), but wanting to squeeze everything they can from their employees? Sad that we might need the unions again - even the Department of Labor now sides with employers. Have we really come full circle?


YOUR REPORT ABOUT Hollander coming to Thomson made no mention of the fact that they have a plant in Tignall, Ga that will be closed to move the work to the new facility in Thomson.


I SEE THE SHEEPLE of South Carolina have re-elected the third Democrat senator of Arizona by a landslide. Congratulations! Lindsey Graham’s first announcement said immigration reform would be his first priority.


LENA BONNER DID her job so well, it is now showing who is not doing their job. She was not responsible after she submitted her needs and now the taxpayers need to make sure our commissioners fire Heery and the city attorney for this mess.


DOES THE IRS really think the American people are going to believe Lois Lerner’s e-mails are lost? They need to look on the agency’s e-mail server. There is no way Lerner’s computer hard drive was big enough to hold years of e-mail. I’m quite sure they can find every single of Lerner’s e-mails that are pertinent to ongoing persecution of taxpayers. It is insulting to the intelligence on the American people for the IRS to tell such a whopper of a lie.


I’M CURIOUS WHAT happened to Renaldo Rivera. He raped and murdered four local women. He has been on death row for 14 years.


ON MICHAEL HOLAHAN’S photograph: I don`t know if the man on the bus is a serviceman giving advice to his son or maybe his little brother, but he needs to be told to pull up his pants. He looks like a little hood. If Michael won first on this photograph they must give them out to any one that can snap a picture.



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