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IF THE BRAVES CAN’T find money for Uggla’s air fare to Gwinnett, I’ll gladly drive him there.


IT WAS THE MORAL obligation of the citizens of South Carolina to keep Lindsey Graham from continuing to terrorize the people of America. It was the moral obligation of The Augusta Chronicle (even though y’all are a Georgia paper) to present information concerning the SC primary and those running in the primary. Y’all failed: no sample ballots: no synopsis of the candidates’ positions: no reminder of the liberal votes made by Graham over the past 12 years.


I WAS HAVING LUNCH the other day with a employee from the Medical College of Georgia. He told me that employees that did not refer to the Medical College of Georgia as GRU would be strongly disciplined or fired. Sounds like Russian style communism to me. I hate to tell that Azziz jerk that it will always be the Medical College of Georgia and he may get that tattooed on his rear end when we send him far far away from here, hopefully where he came from.


THE ONLY WAY TO change the direction of the country is to change the people we send to Washington. The people from Virginia understood that and wanted change. We the people have the power and we can use that power through our right to vote. If Congress won’t vote for term limits, we can impose them at the polls. We need change and we need to show those who grow rich and powerful from serving in government that we the people will create change. Show your strength, stop voting for the status quo. You have until November to decide how much power you choose to wield. God Bless America.


RANT FOR THE VA AND the government. They got rid of the top dog. Now they need to get rid of some of the bottom feeders who are not doing their jobs.


RANT FOR THE MAN jogging with his dog in 95 degree heat. Don’t you realize that you and your dog could suffer a heat stroke? The dog’s tongue was hanging out, and I’m sure his paws were being burned by the hot pavement. I hope you think twice before you submit your pet to such torture again.


I LIKE READING THE editorial page, but I can’t take much more of Tina Dupuy’s liberal slant. I especially didn’t enjoy her comment about our founding fathers.


AT LAST, A RAY OF hope. They defeated Eric Cantor. Now I know that Americans are seriously waking up.



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