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FROM DAY 1 OF Obama’s presidency, Eric Cantor has used every dirty trick to block the Democratic agenda. There are so many big issues we could make progress on without Republicans like Eric Cantor in our way: raising the minimum wage, passing student loan reform. I’m so glad that Cantor’s been shown the door.


RANT FOR PATHETIC government. The MS 13 gangs are now in 1,200 American cities dealing drugs to our kids and creating incredible violence and murders. Thousands of illegals dumped into our country. This makes it totally necessary to carry weapons and at the same time the government is trying to take away our guns. When they get all these criminals out of our country I will give up my weapons. Government is pathetic.


AFTER LISTENING TO the news the past few days, there has been talk about the special purpose local option sales tax failing to pass, indicating lack of funding to raze abandoned houses. There is talk on the radio about not being able to bring big entertainment acts to Augusta. Well, if the convention center had not been built (a waste of money), maybe money could of been allotted for more useful purposes. The Augusta Commission needs to be changed or dismantled. I am so glad I crossed the river.


HOUSE LEADER ERIC Cantor’s defeat absolutely “shocking.” It’s a punch in the gut to Republican leadership. The architect of their radical agenda and shutdown is packing to leave now, and the rest are in danger.


LAST I KNEW I WAS living in America, where I could quit a job if I wanted to. Shows how bad a company is to go after your friends left behind in the workplace for your decision.


I TEND TO LEARN better if someone wants to send me on an all-expenses paid trip across country to a Disney World Resort and still get my paycheck. I just learn better than sitting at my desk trying to learn and at the same time doing my regular job and going to the circus at the Marble Palace. Wait for me, Donald Duck, and where is Goofy?


ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, the time is now for Obama to step aside and let the adults bail us out of the mess he has made with America and the world.


NOW CAN WE BUILD the Keystone pipeline? With Iraq oil in peril, we have no choice but to put our soldiers in harm’s way to ensure the U.S. and our allies have oil. If we had the pipeline, we and Saudi Arabia could cover the loss.



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