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MASS INVASION OF illegals crossing the border: President Obama is busing them throughout the country. Republican leadership is all for it. Taxpayers are stuck with the bill. Who is looking out for what’s left of the working American citizen?


WHY DOESN’T OBAMA see whether the Mexicans want some Taliban fighters in trade for Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi? He could always send more guns to the drug dealers in exchange for their busting him out of jail.


THIS IS DIRECTED TO another one of your ill-informed readers. It was Ronald Reagan who was responsible for reducing and releasing the mentally ill from institutions. Reagan and the Republicans discarded Carter’s Mental Health Systems Act after the 1980 election.


A RANT FOR THE STATE Department of Education for spending more than $107 million on the new Georgia Milestones test based on the Common Core Standards. Can’t these people making these decisions see that Common Core and the Teacher Keys Effectiveness System are money-making schemes for companies like CTB/McGraw Hill? Once again the state will need training booklets, pretest booklets and of course “professional learning” to prepare, which costs so much money. Plus, teachers will continue to be data collectors instead of actual teachers. Common Core and TKES continue to hurt the education system of Georgia. Maybe at least the local school board could lead the way and actually let the teachers do their jobs and really teach.


SO WE HAVE RACISTS counting up the number and skin color of our higher-ups in Richmond County, eh? That person or people need to open their eyes and visit the Laney Museum of History and Cedar Grove Cemetery for starters.


DRIVING IN AUGUSTA, I spotted a vehicle with a disabled veteran tag, Army sticker and sergeant major chevrons sticker. Very commendable! Then, I spotted the Obama sticker. Why any career veteran would support this anti-military, anti-American values, Taliban-releasing hack is beyond all comprehension.


THE BEST THING FOR blacks would be for a sizeable percentage to vote for Republicans. Democrats have no reason to help them because they know they will always get 95 percent of their vote. Republicans have no reason to help them because they know they will never get more than 5 percent of their vote.


Tue, 08/22/2017 - 20:44

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