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RANT ABOUT HOW Augusta spends taxpayer’s money … going to Disneyland in California, for a training seminar! Spending nearly $20,000 when our county is talking about raising taxes to cover budget shortfalls, and nobody is talking about it? They could have trained closer to home, or even online.


RAVE TO THE BLACK conservative movement. Thank you for spreading the word to be responsible, self-reliant and accountable, working for economic development instead of blaming others for failures and being dependent on others for all needs.


RANT TO THE YOUTH football/cheerleading teams’ players, parents and coaches on Wrightsboro Road this month, hootin’, hollerin’ and holding up traffic looking for donations. As role models, these coaches and parents should be teaching these kids to work hard for what they want by providing some sort of valuable service, not standing on street corners soliciting handouts.


RANT TO THE AUGUSTA VA. I’m a 100 percent disabled vet trying to arrange an appointment with the ophthalmology clinic. I have called several times a week for over five weeks. No one ever answers. The VA operator tells me that one line is always busy and the other rings forever. Welcome to socialized medicine for the U.S. military.


WHY DO SOME WHITE people assume all blacks are on welfare? While shopping in my neighborhood BI-LO for Colonial bread the other day, a man and his family were behind me. He said, “Excuse me, madam, I need to get to the store brand bread. I work every day and can’t afford brand name.” I caught myself before I gave him a few choice words, but I work every day, too, to buy what I want. Never assume you know anything by just looking at people.


I THOUGHT THE MAIN reason for college scholarships was to get a college education. This is never mentioned in Mike Slive’s comments about the mighty SEC wanting autonomy from the NCAA’s rules. It just goes to show that all the “power conferences” care about is MONEY. They could give a rat’s rear about students coming to college to get a degree.



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Rants and raves

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