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RAVE FOR DR. NESBIT Dasher, the best doctor in Augusta. Enjoy your retirement.


SPORTS ARTICLE TODAY, again with no mention of the name of the sport. The name “French Open” probably means tennis, but could it be golf?


THIS IS A RANT FOR the golf coverage of The Chronicle. Every day there are articles on golf – some days complete pages. I am a full-time subscriber for over 20 years, and not every one is a golf fan. There is a four-day national NHRA drag race held every year at Commerce, Ga., which is about 120 miles from here. There are not as many people attending this event as the Masters, but there is always a very large crowd and there are competitors from many parts of the world. Just as the PGA has its stars, NHRA has its stars, and they are very fan-friendly and accessible to us, so how about just a little coverage of the “other” national events in Georgia.


TO EVERYONE WHO is concerned about the trading of five of the most heinous war criminals for one American – not to worry – didn’t our president say he would be keeping an eye on them? Now, don’t you feel better!


THE ONLY THING I would like to know is why did Richmond County summer school have to be out at Cross Creek with all the traffic tie-ups they have with road construction?


THE CHIEF OF POLICE in Harlem gives himself a pat on the back, but he doesn’t do that much.


RANT TO PRESIDENT Obama, who claimed General Motors was alive after bailing them out. Yet they have had to recall more vehicles than they have sold in the past few years. Autoworkers were caught smoking pot and drinking beer on their breaks; maybe that’s why the vehicles are not being assembled properly. But thanks to the unions, nothing is done to workers no matter what they do wrong. It had to get to the point where people were killed or injured before anyone has finally been fired, reprimanded and held accountable.


RANT TO FORT Gordon’s Army library on post. While the military now accepts gays, there is no call for the library to promote gay pride with decorations as you enter the library. Children do not need this pushed on them. I cannot believe that the post would allow these decorations to be put up in the library.


WHERE DOES JASON Carter get off calling himself a conservative?



Wed, 01/17/2018 - 23:14

Rants and raves