Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



KUDOS TO THE Colum­bia County Commission for balancing the new $190 million annual budget without imposing a property tax increase. Now, if you can figure out a way to annex the parts of west Augusta that are in Richmond County, we’re ready, willing and able to help improve your property tax digest. We’re facing a property tax increase, a stormwater fee and another “give everybody some more free tax money” special purpose local option sales tax vote next year.


PLEASE ASK DANIELLE Moores whether the Hot Foods people are really still on Broad St. I think when I passed it on the Washington Road bus that the building is now closed.


INSTEAD OF WASTING money and time on July 22, why don’t we have those runoffs in November? Those people can’t begin serving until January anyway, right?


TRAVELING IN AND out of the Augusta airport, I notice security is provided by security guards in blue uniforms. Most airports of this size and larger have local police or sheriff’s deputies. Why not our city?


I’D LOVE TO SEE President Obama publicly support breathing. Then all these so-called conservatives wouldn’t take another breath just to spite him, and we’d be back to a conservative movement that uses its brains instead of just following whichever talking head that incenses the people the most.


I FILED FOR DIVORCE more than seven months ago and still haven’t received a court date nor has my soon-to-be ex-husband been served. I have received every excuse from the calendar is full, the judge is having surgery, the judge doesn’t work during the week of the Masters, one sheet is missing out of my paperwork (this was the most recent lie I was told). I was given the last excuse after I called and demanded to know why I know people who have filed, taken their parenting class and had their divorces finalized, all after me and with a different and obviously more organized judge and clerk.


GET YOUR FACTS straight. Okinawa was the largest sea-borne invasion in history. It was twice the size of D-Day in troops, ships, aircraft and deaths.


IT’S A SHAME HOW feebleminded youngsters are committing armed robberies for pills to bolster their habit. The judge needs to send them on a long ride.