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THE NCAA IS THE governing body of college athletics. The SEC is a member of the NCAA and subject to the rules of that organization. The SEC wants to make the rules for college athletics instead of following the rules. Just like a spoiled, little, rich brat. If the SEC doesn’t want to abide by the NCAA rules, then the NCAA should ban them from competition in collegiate athletics.


UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL continues to buy hospitals, doctors’ practices and is extending its empire throughout the area. It is considered by the community to be the “best” hospital for who knows how many years in a row. Does the community know that the employees have not received a raise in about three years?


POLICE WERE CALLED to Patriots Park about a church softball team. I have to believe that it could have been handled better; children were watching.


REPUBLICANS AND GOV. Nathan Deal haven’t done a good job helping regular people in Georgia. The majority of bills passed … was related to “guns everywhere” and drug-testing recipients. They are big, bold and arrogant. I can’t wait for the November election so Georgians can elect a new governor.


RANT TO WHOEVER authorized the trip for 10 Augusta employees to Disneyland hotel in LA. … Surely there were training seminars closer to Augusta or online that would have been less costly for our cash-strapped city.


IT IS VERY SAD THAT our first black president will be judged historically as the most inept, corrupt, wasteful, subversive, egotistical and divisive president to ever serve this nation. A man twice elected because of the color of his skin rather that the content of his character.


IF GEORGIA REGENTS University President Ricardo Azziz’s highest priority is safety, then why is the gun-happy stun gunner Wesley Martin still an employee at GRU after he admitted to falsifying a police report? I hope The Chronicle can interview other victims to show how out of control this guy is.


GEN. WILLIAM SHERMAN told his wife the “voice of the people is humbug.” That’s the same mad man who burned a bunch of Georgia towns to the ground for no reason of war, rather to show how tough he was.



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