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TO THE PERSON unhappy with the white influence in Edgefield County: Move to Richmond County, where you will have a black mayor, sheriff, judges, school officials, principals, teachers, county commissioners and plenty of Section 8 neighborhoods. The equality ratio is absent in Richmond County.


I THINK FORMER VA Secretary Eric Shinseki a great man. I hope he enjoys his retirement. Unlike those frauds in Washington, D.C. Most of them should be out.


YOU CAN THANK President Carter for closing the asylums and turning thousands of mentally ill people into the street to clog up our health care system.


IT IS AMAZING THAT our mortal enemies the Taliban have released a soldier they have held captive for five years, but our supposedly friendly neighbor Mexico has one of our vets and are holding him for absolutely no reason. He made a mistake by not being able to turn around. Why doesn’t Obama get that vet home?


NO MATTER WHAT you do, sometimes you just can’t make somebody happy.


WHAT’S WRONG WITH the government is that they think our money belongs to them.


WHY HAVEN’T YOU kept up with the Fox Creek High School baseball team this year? They have had an outstanding team that won many games. We take The Chronicle in Edgefield County. Why can’t you do something for these boys and their team?


A BIG THANK YOU to the surgeons at Dwight D. Eisenhower Army Medical Center who operated on my soldier. They did an excellent job, and since then a doctor has contacted me by phone and answered all of my questions with excellent bedside manner.


A BIG RAVE FOR the trash pickup. You people work hard, and when it is holiday time, you deserve to be with your family and your children. It is not going to hurt anyone to tie the bag up tight and put it on the back porch for a day or two.


TO THE ONE RANTER who keeps talking about monies, the government wants you back. It’s “money.” Relax and have some candies.


I KNOW I WILL NOT be going into any bars that do not have No Guns Allowed signs posted in the future. I’m still trying to figure out if our representatives in Atlanta are just plain stupid or insane.



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Rants and raves

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