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WHENEVER THE CITY is cutting down trees and repaving roads, it would be so nice if they would put in underground power, even if it was just a few neighborhoods. It would be more modern; it would look better, and when there is an ice storm, you wouldn’t have to worry about downed lines. The best time to do this is when they already digging to fix the roads or replace trees.


IT IS SO FRUSTRATING to stand in a checkout line and watch the first person in the line wait until the cashier tells them what they owe before they start looking for the means to pay. Do they think it is going to free?


SHAME ON YOU (Chronicle) for not putting anything in the paper about Man/Women of the Year for the Lymphoma and Leukemia Society. These folks worked very hard to raise greater than 200K in the fight against blood cancers. Congratulations to everyone that worked so hard to make it a success. (If you put something in and I missed it. I apologize).


IT TURNS OUT THAT “POW” Bergdahl is actually a deserter. Bergdahl’s father is writing sympathetic letters to the Taliban. And Obama releases five leaders of the Taliban -- who no doubt -- will kill more Americans. Absolute Insanity!!


WHATEVER FORMER VA Chief Mr. Shinseki may have or have not done that resulted in the sorry state of affairs at the nation’s VA Hospitals, it is now a moot point. A blood sacrifice has been made. The Media God has been appeased. The mess has been atoned for. Now we can go back to business as usual and the media minions can re-enter the fray to make the world safe for Truth, Justice and the American Way. No one should notice that in addition to our veterans, the Obamacare bell tolls for us also. Sleep well.


WHAT A BIG MISTAKE to swap five high level Taliban commanders for an army deserter. It’s laughable and stupid to think that those five will keep away from Taliban activities once they arrive in Qatar. What happened to our philosophy of not bargaining with terrorists? This episode shows how this administration lacks leadership!


MARION WILLIAMS, the goats like to eat early, so don’t be late.


I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED that they canceled the parade and welcome-home for our newest traitor. I also heard that Jane Fonda volunteered to ramrod the whole thing. That would have been great – traitor to traitor.



Sun, 12/17/2017 - 19:23

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