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RANT TO ALL OF the people having offspring they know they can’t afford to feed without the rest of us paying for EBT/WIC for them. Instead of acting like all of these babies are miracles from God, why not get some birth control pills or condoms?


MY MAMA ALWAYS says life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get. I guess that little Forrest Gump phrase could apply to anything such as politicians living up to their campaign promises or not what they appear to be after election time is over and getting down to business.


LOOK AT THE FACES of the five terrorists that President Obama traded for our deserter. We will see them again.


THANKS TO THE black woman and white man who aided me during my fall in front of Body and Bath on a recent afternoon. It was a bad fall. Thank you both for you assistance. I have asked God to send you both a miracle; look for it.


I AGREE WITH THE person who said that the postmaster just put your mail into any mailbox. I mailed a package that was registered at Christmas time which was insured for $50. The person never received the package. I visited the post office twice and … was finally told that I have to make a complaint online. Next, I was told to find the slip to prove how much I paid for the items sent. Because I am a handicapped senior citizen I had to have someone else file the complaint online for me. I had to eventually decide it was cheaper to just leave it alone and take it as a loss.


I HAVE A VERY BIG problem with the phrase “convicted felon” because mostly men have a very hard time getting their life back on track once they have that label. Once you are considered a convicted felon nobody wants to give you a chance at a real job to get you off the street to turn your life around. Also, who came up with the idea to charge a child as an adult? Something in society about both situations has to change and maybe the crime rate will go down.


WHAT A DANGEROUS precedent has been set in trading those terrorists for the captured American soldier. That’s besides the fact that he was an America-hating terrorist sympathizer to start with. I’m afraid there is a lot more to this story that we will never find out about. We’ll hear from that soldier again – and not in a good way.



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