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TO THE AUGUSTA Commis­sion: As a voter in the majority who voted no to the special purpose local option sales tax, I will continue to vote no each year if you continue to give that taxpayer money to private entities such as Paine College.


GOOGLE IS planning driverless cars? As an ex-truck driver who attended safety courses year after year, I wonder whether the complexities of driving in an environment where thousands of things a second are changing is possible yet in a computer? Perhaps they’ll be safer than those who insist they can talk on a cellphone and drive at the same time. Those cars might actually make the road safer.


RANT FOR THE PEOPLE in Atlanta who brought us a six-month lame-duck period for the mayor. Six months of Deke Copenhaver making decisions and Hardie Davis giving his opinion to Chronicle reporters. We only need one mayor at a time.


RANTS TO THE local news stations. They start their program with the weather, then 3-4 minutes of local news, and then they start on news from around the world that has been on the networks and cable news all day. I am sure there is enough local news happening that they could devote at least 15-20 minutes to it.


THE PAST FEW MONTHS my water bill in Columbia County has been repeatedly $10 higher. Nothing at my home has changed, not in 10 years. Does anyone else notice theirs being higher than the norm?


I AGREE WITH THE ranter about Berckmans Road. How can you let one private club move a street for the inconvenience of the several businesses and thousands of other residents who use that road for the other 51 weeks of the year?


HOW ON EARTH CAN the brand-new convention center have leaks of the roof already? Isn’t it still insured? And stop the talk of getting more money for an expensive walkway. Try out the pedestrian lights and crosswalk markings. Do we look like we are ready to pour money down the gutter?


A WONDERFUL KINDNESS was shown to a 90-year-old, young-at-heart woman at Cheddar’s last Saturday. A young gentleman helped Ms. Dottie celebrate her birthday with a monetary gift. Your kindness and generosity were much appreciated. Our group was impressed with your kindness and compassion. Ms. Dottie will still be talking about you on her next birthday. You made her day.



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Rants and raves

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