Rants & Raves



I DO NOT LIVE in Georgia anymore, but I am glad that Hardie Davis won the election. Maybe he can straighten out “Disgusta” and make it Augusta again.


RAVE TO PRESIDENT Obama. You surprised us, sir, by taking a quick trip to see the troops in Afghanistan. You sacrificed your holiday weekend. It was nice of you to go over there spur of the moment and recognize our troops. You are a true politician.


THE ELECTION IS OVER. Politicians hire people to put their signs up everywhere. Why can’t these same people take them back down? It should be a rule that they take them down within a week after the election or pay a fine.


I’M SO GLAD THAT the president is bringing our people home from that long, long war. That is the best news I have heard in a long time. I am so happy. Thank you, President Obama, for ending all of these wars. That will go down in history. We are going to have a celebration.


RANT FOR OUR government concerning illegals. If the government would stop unwarranted welfare and unemployment benefits for life, then freeloaders would have to get jobs and there would be no job for illegals. The problem would be 50 percent solved. The other 50 percent could be solved by duplicating Mexican prisons and prisoner treatment for Mexican illegals.


I THINK IT IS AN absolute disgrace that they attacked Snowden. Look what is going on in Washington, D.C. They need to be fired – all of them.


KUDOS FOR RICK MCKEE and his wonderful cartoon, the tribute to Maya Angelou. It should get an award. That is his best-ever tribute.


I HOPE MAYOR DEKE Copenhaver will think twice before converting those historic mills into dormitories for students. Can you imagine what they would look like after six months with drunken parties and being trashed out on the inside? Please do not change the mills into dormitories.


PRESIDENT OBAMA IS either the most inept president or his planned ruination of this country is right on schedule.


WE LIVED UP NORTH for many years, and Amish people were very, very decent people. Who is providing the money for these Amish people on television to come down to Florida and live like trash?