Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



I WOULD LIKE TO thank newspaper carrier Connie Williams for the wonderful service she has provided for over 20 years. I could always depend on my paper being here by 5 a.m. She was here rain, shine, sleet or snow. She will be missed in our neighborhood. I hope she enjoys quality time with her family and friends. She deserves it. I don’t think she can be replaced.


IT SURE IS NICE TO see the roads cleaned up from all the political signs. Major intersections were just awful. Now the election is over; whether you lost or won, get your signs cleaned up.


DOES THE JOINT commission that rigidly inspects hospitals also inspect VA hospitals? If yes, why were inadequacies not revealed? If no, why not?


SEC COMMISSIONER Mike Slive thinks he can control everything concerned with college athletics. The SEC is not bigger than the NCAA. Slive thinks the national championship game should automatically have an SEC team and the other 112 teams in the country should be playing for the other spot. The SEC wants autonomy and wants to set its own rules instead of following the NCAA rules. I say ban Slive and the mighty SEC if they want to dictate what goes on in college athletics.


ANYONE IN RICHMOND County who thinks a dispute concerning their property assessment will work, take notice. You will be turned down. Smile and be nice. You will get turned down. Have all your ducks in a row, you will still be turned down.


ALL THESE TEEN shootings need to stop.


RANT FOR THE TRASH pickup. If you can’t pick up the trash on the day it’s due, then don’t take the holiday. I pay too much money to have it sitting out in front of my house.


NOW THAT DEAL HAS won the Republican nomination, I will have to vote for a Democrat for governor. If Deal wins, MCG leaves Augusta. Columbia County, where will you be then?


PEOPLE SHOULDN’T criticize marijuana. When I was going through my divorce, I couldn’t eat or sleep. My stomach was in knots. Someone told me to try taking a couple of draws. I did, and then I could eat and sleep. It is not as bad as people who have never tried it think.