Rants & Raves

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ALL THE DOGS AND CATS in Columbia County need to have their shots before people let them walk into other people’s yards.


I VOTED FOR TSPLOST. I thought the money was going to fix roads that really needed to be fixed. I’m disappointed to think that they are going to spend money on Berckmans Road when it is not broken. When you consider how the rest of the infrastructure is in this town, that is a big disappointment and I will not be voting for another TSPLOST.


DO NOT CALL AND wake me from my nap. If you do, I will not vote for you. If you call my house I will not vote for you. Do not call.


WHY CAN’T THE SUNKEN Mercedes Benz in the Savannah River with stripped VIN and license plate that “puzzles officials” be identified in other ways? The VIN on Mercedes Benz vehicles is also stamped on the engine block, frame, and other vehicle parts. Has anyone thought of this resolution?


WHY IS FRANK ROBERSON, Richmond County schools superintendent, making high level appointments when he is on his way out? Why do board members allow this to happen when Roberson has not been able to function effectively since his unfortunate illness? Roberson and the Richmond County BOE should delay
making high level appointments until a new superintendent is selected. This would be in the best interest for the students in Richmond County.


A HUGE THANK YOU to the person that turned in my purse that I left momentarily in the buggy at the Evans Wal-Mart on Saturday, May 24th around noon. So thankful that there are still some honest people in the world. I will do a good deed today in your honor.


WHEN I READ YOUR article about the choir from Trinity going to Godalming, England, I almost cried. The late Honorable Charles Devaney created and nurtured the relationship with Godalming for years before his untimely death. But that wasn’t even mentioned. Neither Deke Copenhaver nor Bob Young had anything to do with establishing that relationship.


WHY DON’T THE GRU crossing guards on Laney-Walker and 15th Street understand that pedestrians sometimes should wait to cross the street? Instead, the crossing guards will stop traffic that has the right-of-way via the traffic lights so that a pedestrian can walk into the street and cross. Seems like part of their job should be tell pedestrians to wait their turns.



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