Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


I THINK THE NON-BLACK community in Augusta-Richmond County should be up in arms and demanding an apology from Barbara Gordon of The Metro Courier for her blatantly offensive and totally racist comments made at the Courier’s recent news conference. Shouting, “We are the majority here...” while waving her finger in an offensive manner is a perfect example of why racism continues to thrive. Actions like hers just fuel racism!


I WAS DOWNTOWN last Saturday for the WRDW 12 Children’s Day. I was totally surprised to see all the trash at the Broad Street parks, the lack of flowers growing or blooming. Are we really The Garden City? What has happened to our beautiful city and who is responsible for this city unattractive condition?


UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL is a joke; they are so top heavy in management that they can’t see the writing on the wall. Experienced nurses are leaving and going to other hospitals because they have not had any kind of raise in years.


WHERE HAVE ALL the pretty girls gone? Your hair is a mess. You wear no makeup. You have tattoos all over you. You have a bulging waist line. You have no respect for yourself. How sad.


ONE SIMPLE WAY to neutralize Boko Haram and safely rescue the kidnapped young women? Tell Harry Reid and a few other select Democrats that Boko Haram means “Tea Party” in its funded by the Koch brothers. The full force of the IRS and any other federal agency that can be mobilized will be brought to bear to render this group impotent!


TO ALL YOU WOULD-BE photographers: put your phones away at a wedding, let the professionals do their jobs, and allow the happy couple to enjoy their ceremony. I’m seeing too many unflattering or “candid” photos on Facebook taken by guests and it’s just plain disrespectful, especially if you ignored the sign to refrain from snapping away.


RAVE FOR ADDING Tina Dupuy to the opinion section.


THE HONORABLE Eric K. Shinseki, Secretary of Veterans Affairs should become an “undercover boss” and visit the more than 1700 VA hospitals in the US. Then he would have a very clear picture of the federal employees (retired veterans) caring for the veterans. The reports submitted to him are obviously skewed and how does one person verify data from all the VA hospitals and clinics in the US and PR.



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