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NOT TO DOWNGRADE mothers for their work, but I think the priorities of salary of actors and sports figures are skewered compared to the salaries of soldiers, law enforcement, firefighters, etc. I realize acting and sports are special talents that many millions of people want to watch, but to the level of not being able to better pay the military, law enforcement personnel, etc.? We need to roll back the upper numbers and raise those pitifully low salaries of those who really make the sacrifices of putting their lives on the line.


INSTEAD OF STARTING a committee to see why four people were killed in Benghazi, maybe they should start a committee to find out why 40 people a day are killed with guns.


I HAVE A RANT about the postal service carriers. Do they hire people who don’t care where they put the mail? I get mail all of the time for next door, three doors down the street, a different street but correct number. It’s ridiculous.


ARE MAGNET SCHOOLS really that great? Have you looked at the SAT and AP scores? Students at these schools are chosen to be there and must have high grades. Their scores should be better than what we see.


NATHAN DEAL IS not a true conservative. He is a true politician who will do anything to get what he wants. He, Azziz and the Board of Regents need to leave this area.


THE U.S. CHAMBER OF Commerce is for immigration reform (amnesty/open borders) and Common Core (centralized control of all education). These clowns would sell their own mothers for a buck.


MORE AND MORE STATES are pushing for same-sex marriages. It is not natural.


HELEN BLOCKER-ADAMS was looking to be the best candidate for mayor, but not anymore. I can’t understand why she is confused about the debts she owes. How can you not know about an outstanding debt of $70,000?


WHERE ARE THE North Augusta police when I see people speeding down Georgia Avenue and Highway 25 and people running red lights? Where are they hiding?


THE NO-KILL ANIMAL pounds have to charge for these animals because they have to pay for shots, and the animals are fixed so they won’t have puppies.



Thu, 11/16/2017 - 22:50

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