Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



SOMEONE HAD A RANT about Ron Cross not being in favor of booting Kay Allen. That is totally untrue and she and her husband are both gone. A politician can never please everyone about everything but the good things that Ron Cross has done for Columbia County would not fit on this page.


I KNOW THERE IS A 5 person race for Mayor of Augusta as I read the Chronicle every day. But I hope no one votes for Mason. Why on earth is he calling people in Columbia County with his recorded messages to vote for him? We have enough issues in Columbia County to worry about without the annoying phone calls from mayoral candidates in Richmond County.


A BIG RAVE TO THE gentleman who wished us a Happy Mother’s Day at the Garlic Clove on Thursday and surprised us when the wait staff told us after he had left that he had treated us to lunch! Thank you so much, sir; we will pass it on!


JUST RECEIVED A flyer from Rick Allen saying he is PRO-CONSTITUTION, made my blood boil. Every patriot from the revolution ’til this very day never thought it was optional.


I SURE DO HOPE that the real yellow pages telephone directory will be in one book this year and that they will include everybody’s land line phones and not just AT&T customers.


MY WIFE HAS A CHRONIC cough that doctors have not been able to relieve. I sent an e-mail to GRU Health and to Emory Hospital the first of March, 2014. Emory sent a reply the same day. It’s now May 13 and still no response from GRU Health.


SHAME ON THE Augusta Chronicle for printing a story on the Augusta Prep Girls’ soccer team winning the state title, a history-making event for Augusta Prep, that was clearly about Stratford Academy losing, not about Prep winning!


WHAT IS IT WITH ALL the re-zoning petitions for apartments along Skinner Mill Road in west Augusta? The zoning commission can expect a long, hard fight from the property owners along Skinner Mill! Too much traffic, low-end housing = crimes and property devaluation! Why don’t these builders build in areas already zoned for apartments?


WHY WOULD ANY candidate for mayor want an endorsement from Deke Copenhaver? Augusta can show very little while Copenhaver has been mayor.