Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


A RANT TO Augusta Commission members Johnson and Fennoy for claiming the riverwalk attack was “nowhere near as bad as it seems” and “blown out of proportion.” These young people were brutally assaulted and have recovered thanks to love and prayer and no thanks to you. A rant to The Chronicle for running an article about their wedding even though they said they declined an interview and are trying to stay out of the media.


A RANT AT COMCAST, which has failed to provide Internet and cable connectivity to an area in Evans. No explanation is provided. Requested return calls from a supervisor were ignored.


RANT TO GOV. DEAL for signing HB 826 bill, which allow guns in church. This new legislation makes guns more available and could allow violence to escalate.


UNLESS THE RUSSIANS cross the Polish border, what is going on in Eastern Europe is none of our concern. Protect our own borders. America first!


ARTICLES BEING PRINTED in “Latest from News-Times” are growing moss, such as the woman who walked away from her flipped car. Wasn’t that about two weeks ago?


WE ATTENDED Archae­ology Day at the Ezekiel Harris House. A big rave to the Augusta Archaeology Society, especially Lloyd Schroder for viewing, discussing and dating my husband’s collection of artifacts. It was time well-spent learning the history of some of our artifacts.


ARE 12 YEARS of Ron Cross more than enough? He helped keep the tax office matter quiet. what else has he done?


TRAVEL ALONG MANY roads in Richmond County and you see ice storm debris stacked all over. The south end has tons, much of it not picked up from the first so-called pickup. It’s time to start mowing rights of way. Commissioners, you get gas allowance. No excuse here.


WHEN WILL THE leaders and parents of some of our communities take charge and do something about the constant and daily crime, especially the shooting and violence? Stop waiting for government to do it for you. It all starts with you.


I VOTED TODAY and voted against Nathan Deal in the Republican primary. He has done nothing for our area.