May is a month of celebrations

Days of celebration. Markers of milestones. Time to stop and remember.


Such is May, with the pomp and circumstance of graduations both high school and college. The end of the school year. Holidays honoring both our moms and our war dead.

Smiles and tears. Sweet memories and bittersweet goodbyes. Stages of life marked by a turning of a tassel or the first wearing of a white flower this Sunday.

In the coming days and weeks, you will see lots of photographs gracing the pages of The Augusta Chronicle.

May is always about the faces.

Smiling faces of graduates. Smiling faces of proud parents, grandparents and siblings. Smiling faces of new mothers overcoming adversity.

We might not get to every graduation, but we will try and have a staff photographer or Spotted contributor at most.

And there will never be room in print for all the faces, but you are encouraged to scroll through the galleries on our digital platforms and look at the faces.

You will find these posted on our home page ( usually within a day of the ceremony.

Looking into someone’s face is a way to connect with others. Connections that happen through the faces of the future, and the past.

That happens with mothers and children, both in person and in print.

What Memorial Day coverage would be complete without the faces of soldiers, saluting the fallen?

The faces can be serious or sad, as not all milestones are cause for celebration.

They are markers for loss and signals of change. Graduates go off to college – or the world – eliciting tears of sadness mingled with those of joy.

We will write those stories. Stories of awards. Stories of overcoming adversity to triumph. Stories of the best and the brightest.

The Chronicle held its interviews this past week for the finalists for its annual award celebrating high school achievements – called the Best & Brightest.

Reading about the local achievements of these teens will inspire you to feel good about the future.

Dr. Anant Mandawat, a Lakeside High School graduate and our 2004 winner of this award, regularly writes a guest column for this newspaper now. His latest was in last Thursday’s editions on a new blood test for Alzheimer’s.

This year’s finalists will each be honored at a banquet next week and featured in our printed graduation section that comes out Sunday, May 25.

That section will also contain the lists of all our area high school graduates. Those lists provide a keepsake for families to cut out and place with the program and diploma to mark the day.

May is a time to note two things that local newspapers do really well: keeping a record of the people who lived in the community and celebrating their time here.


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