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OH, MY GOODNESS, Alvin Mason, no arts with the special purpose local option sales tax money but funding a private college in Augusta. How sad are you. I’m still trying to figure how tax dollars can be used for a private college. That is why I’m worried about this tax vote. You won’t get a yes from here just because of the private college.


WHEN A COUNTRY’S news media start colluding with the government to lie to the American people to protect the president’s failed policy and lies, you have a country in peril of losing itself. Shame on the media’s continued lies and cover-up of what really happened at Benghazi, Libya.


THIS IS A RANT AGAINST the NBA. What happened to Donald Sterling’s right of freedom of speech in his own home? This is a blatant form of communism.


RANT TO POLICE officers who show up to the wrong address and kill family pets. If they show up at the worn address and we shoot their K9 dog, they charge us. When they show up at the wrong address and shoot our dogs, they felt threatened and nothing happens. That is injustice, and I am getting sick of this police injustice.


I AM A SENIOR CITIZEN and a great grandmother and when I go into a restaurant, none of my family are going to cry and cut up and disturb other people’s meals. It is ridiculous the way people let their children get up and run around in restaurants and scream and holler. I don’t blame that teenage girl for complaining. That woman had no right to throw anything at anyone. What she should have done is take that child out and calmed him down.


RANT FOR THE NEW golf cart law. There is a woman who drives up my road talking on a cellphone with a little baby in her lap and another one in the back seat. She is just looking to get her kids killed. Somebody needs to put a stop to this.


PEOPLE NEED TO remember when they are voting for mayor that some of the candidates have been in trouble for things that, if we had done, they would have put us under the jail.


A FAMILY OF FOUR will spend $2,000 a month to eat out. They charge you for everything they put on a sandwich, but they don’t deduct anything when they take something off. It is a rip-off.


RANT FOR THE WAY they did Donald Sterling. If he had been black and said that about whites, nothing would have been done about it.


A RAVE FOR THE NAACP of the Los Angeles chapter with this situation with the Clippers owner making those comments. I see that for once they are going to return the donations made by Sterling. It must be a serious situation. It is a nice gesture to return all the money. Once a gain a rave to the NAACP.


Sat, 08/19/2017 - 01:11

Rants and raves