Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


RAVE TO THE RECYCLING industry and Richmond County Sheriff’s Office. I helped a friend recycle some junk metal today. It is easier to get into Fort Knox than drop off recycling. My ID was checked three times and had to have my picture taken. Air-conditioning parts were banned. Good job!

MY CONCERN IS that schools do not have enough supervision. My child has had two major injuries that caused him to have to be seen in the emergency room. I am a concerned parent not for just my child but for the children in general. This is something that has to come to end soon before something even worse happens.

ONCE AGAIN, MICHAEL Ryan doesn’t bother to do his homework. Donald Sterling, who has donated to Democrats at times, is a registered Republican. What was that column you wrote about journalistic accuracy a few weeks back about? One thing is for sure – Ryan will repeat whatever he hears or reads, usually three days behind his primary source (Fox News, and rarely, if ever, checks the veracity of his opinions).

PLEASE DO SOMETHING about the panhandling downtown. We were in a Broad Street pizza place Sunday. A guy begs us for money. Then he sits down at the table behind us and starts eating the food left over from the party that had just left. Then he has the nerve to hold out a Styrofoam cup and ask us for beer. The staff made him leave, but that’s not the first encounter I have had and it’s quickly turning me off from going downtown.

RAVE TO GOV. DEAL for signing HB 826 today. This may surprise some people that have not paid closer attention to the Georgia legislative session this year, but come July, HB 826 goes into effect and decriminalizes (by the same exception cops and others have) campus carry in Georgia for those lawful citizens who have a Georgia Weapons Carry License.

I WOULD LIKE TO THANK the nice gentleman who helped my husband Tuesday night at the Lady Antebellum Concert. He was having difficulty getting up the steps and you immediately came to his aid. God bless you and thank you so much.

HEY, AUGUSTA Commission, take $50 and buy or redo the Augusta seal on the front of your dais/desk. They show it on TV every time the media comes and it looks very ratty … or can you agree on that?