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I HAVE ONE QUESTION for Michelle Nunn, Sam Nunn’s daughter, who is running for Senate. Will she vote to repeal Obamacare? I don’t care if she walks on water and help start the Red Cross, we need to get rid this albatross that Sen. Harry Reid and her fellow Democrats hung around our necks.


I WAS ONCE AGAIN overwhelmed by the Sacred Heart Garden Festival, which was this past weekend. The great hall had unique and fabulous vendors with items you would have to travel far and wide to find. The preview party was one of the best in town. Great food, people and displays. Each garden on tour was unique and amassed with gorgeous plantings. The speakers were carefully selected and were so interesting and informative. If you missed it, please put it in your calendar for next year. End of April.


GOV. NIKKI HALEY, South Carolina is doing what all governors should do regarding issuing of food stamps. Yes, the truly needy should be helped, but those who possess strong mind and body can help with cleaning streets, cutting grass along highways, working with churches to make our community a better place to live. I do not think the taxpayers should pay for TV and luxuries in our prison system. Let the prisoners work on a farm and produce their own food. Those receiving food stamps, etc., should pass trimonthly drug screenings. The taxpayer needs reassurance that our money is being used wisely.


EVERY TIME SOMEONE almost runs me off the road, they seem to have an educator tag.


OUR SOUTHERN HATS off to The Augusta Chronicle for such a heartwarming story about our Southern honorees. As a young woman, I have been taught the truth about why we fought for Southern independence. The Confederate Medal of Honor. Need I say more?


HOW PLEASED I AM that our graduation rates have gone up so much. Do you know why? It’s because our educational system has been dumbed down in order to appear that we have students who can actually read, write and compute at a level that would allow graduation requirements to be met. These statistics show only those who have graduated, not those who would have met true requirements for a high school diploma. I suggest that we begin to stop listening to the numbers of graduates, but those graduates who will become active citizens after graduation.



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