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IS IT JUST ME, Augusta? Anytime I see the words “Georgia Regents” or the initials “GRU” in the newspaper I immediately stop reading the article. And I feel sorry for the athletes having to wear that horrible name on their uniforms. I can just hear them having to explain what a Georgia Regent is to other teams. Horrible.

THANKS TO THE two young men who helped us try to capture our runaway dog Monday night at Brookfield Park on Mayo Road. We didn’t catch him, but you ran so hard (especially John of the Air Force.) You ran like the wind. God bless you both for your efforts for strangers.

I’LL VOTE IN THE Republican primary against Nathan Deal. If he wins, I’ll vote for the Democrat or independent in the general election. Deal is no friend to Richmond and Columbia counties.

I WANT TO THANK the people in the emergency room at Trinity Hospital on Easter Sunday. I took my mother there and she could hardly breathe at all. They took her right in and did a fine job on her. Even though she didn’t have insurance, they treated her very well. God bless you and thank you so much.

RANT TO ANY hourly worker who is against unions.

MR. MILLS, WHO wrote a letter to the editor, is absolutely incorrect. He doesn’t understand that Harry Reid and his son made a deal with China. This is the problem with America; they are asleep. They are not paying attention.

BILL LOCKET TALKS about his military experience and following the chain of command. How many times has he deviated from the chain of command in the Richmond County government in the Augusta Commission meetings?

RANT TO THE GOP bullies in Oklahoma. I think Attorney General Eric Holder should take whatever Secret Service necessary to protect him to Oklahoma and give his speech. I don’t think this country needs to be run by bullies of either party.

RAVE FOR GRU Cancer Center for having free screenings for people on Thursday. I missed it and hope they will have another free screening day soon. Please put it in the paper.

RANT FOR LOCAL newscasters, the newspaper and Richard Roundtree. How do you break into a car that is unlocked? People in Georgia are brain dead. I can’t wait to get transferred out of here.


Mon, 08/21/2017 - 22:42

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