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LORI MYLES, YOU don’t have to drop out of the mayor race; your interview with The Augusta Chronicle will take care of that.


THIS IS A BIG rant on President Obama for again delaying the Keystone pipeline for political reasons. All you liberal Democrats who support him and think he is so great should pay $6 for a gallon of gas while Republicans should pay $2.


I DISAGREE WITH THE writer who said white people can’t go along with black people. Most of the leaders in Augusta are black, even the sheriff of Richmond County is black, so some white people must have voted for him. I watch some of the Augusta Commission shows on TV, and they are a joke. None of them can agree on anything.


NOW COMMISSIONER William Fennoy wants to open his mouth out loud about Charles Walker. I hope he notes if Walker is paying his own way to and from Augusta? His own medical bills at GRU? How about noting the different names of his current places like the CSRA Classic is now what? Augusta City Classic? What is the new name of Georgia Personnel? Did it make sure to get a business license? If not, how long has it been running under its new name without a business license? Inquiring minds want to know. And I’m sure the Feds do, too.


RESIDENTS OF SOUTH Augusta, you need to be serious about the folks wanting your vote. Are they going to look out for the other parts of Richmond County – Hephzibah, Blythe, Gracewood, Goshen, McBean, just to name a few? Yes, we need attention downtown, but remember where you live and what you need also.


THERE IS A SCAM out there. A family member was called by two men posing as detectives. Using the same name. Had her information and told her she missed a court appearance. She would have to pay a fine of over $1,000 to correct their files. To go get two green dot cash cards to pay the fine, or they would send a deputy to come get her and take her to jail. She thought a minute and said, come and get me. They hung up and she called and made a report of the scam. It seems local authorities were aware of the scam. Yesterday, there was an article in the paper about the scam. Beware, just another criminal trying to steal your money.


I AM EMBARRASSED that our educational system in America grants doctoral degrees to people who can’t make a coherent statement.



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