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MOST OF THE PROBLEMS people have today are self-motivated. People can’t stand themselves and that’s why they take out their frustrations on other people. Whether it be drugs or alcohol … it makes no difference. If you have a problem, you need to deal with it. And the quicker you deal with it, the better off the world will be.


THANK YOU TO THE person who turned in my debit card at McDonald’s on Mike Padgett Highway last Monday afternoon.


MORE THAN 90 PERCENT of incarcerated individuals self-identify as a Democrat. We could probably eliminate crime if the Democratic Party was dissolved.


UNCLE JOE, THE Ukrain­i­ans don’t want us to “walk down the road with them.” They want us to stand up to Russia and block the road. Sadly, we do not have any courageous leadership in the White House.


MAYORAL CANDIDATE Lori Myles says she wants a more “transparent” government. That’s what Obama said, too.


TO DRIVERS WHO STAY in the passing lane on Riverwatch I-20: Have they forgotten what they learned in drivers’ ed?
Left lane is only for pas­sing; when you pass someone, you get back in the right lane. It’s that simple! Why can’t you remember that? I can’t wait ’til this law goes in effect.


OK, LET’S SET THE record straight – first, the Georgia Department of Corrections does not have “guards,” but rather corrections officers. Second, the female gang member on the front page of today’s paper was not an officer, but rather a cadet. That means she was in training to become an officer.


THIS IS A RANT TO Mr. Mills’ featured letter. I am sure this liber­al would have been a Brit­ish Loyalist in the early days of our nation. He would be writing opinion letters defending the Stamp Act and Town­shend Acts as legitimate “amounts owed” to the government. The foundation of his argument is flawed because he assumes the fees were proper.


RANT TO CREDIT CARD owners who dispute a charge without first contacting the retailer. Win or lose, the retailer has to pay a $15-$25 fee. Do banks ask if you’ve contacted the company? No – they’d lose the fees! Bank executives make hundreds of millions a year, because you won’t call the company’s phone number (on every statement) to ask what you bought! Heedless customers: quit sending my profits to greedy banks!



Thu, 11/23/2017 - 17:28

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