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NEWS HEADLINES - Former Senator Charles Walker hospitalized for surgery - details not being released. Then, he served 8 years in federal prison and was in a halfway house at the time of hospitalization. Did the prison sentence statement make any difference? What did that have to do with the price of tea in China? We all needed to know that little tid-bit.


RAVE TO THE YOUNG doctor (or dental student?) from GRU who entertained the young girl who was stuck at Thai Kitchen while her parents worked. He and his date were kind enough to keep her occupied during their meal by talking to her, educating her, and performing magic tricks.


WHO ADVOCATED FOR Charles Cummings? Isn’t he the one who could not handle the business, then got his wife to take on the name of a business that the employees didn’t even know? That is NOT what we need for a mayor!


GOV. NIKKI HALEY is correct in saying food stamps and Medicaid is being abused in this country. And more so since Obama has been in office. You are taken advantage of the taxpayers. Get off your lazy butts and go to work like the rest of us. The poor isn’t as poor as many may think?? They just believe I am entitled and you owe me attitude.


RANT TO SPORTS WRITER Scott Michaux and all his negative comments about the 2014 Masters. Just because the history that was made was not the history he hoped for didn’t make the back nine on Sunday a “dud”, as he stated. All the negativity that was in his commentary does not detract from the fact that Bubba Watson did what he had to do to win the tournament. He played smart, steady golf while those chasing him made mistakes that kept them from making a serious charge. Enough of these articles, Mr. Michaux; give credit where credit is due and recognize the great golfer that Bubba Watson is and that he’s one of the sport’s favorites. Maybe “your “ guy will win next time.


IT IS A SHAME WITH all the construction on Mike Padgett Highway we still have people like the one in the white Infiniti this morning. I hope you got where you were going since you put my grandchildren and several others at risk by passing on a double yellow line in front of IP. I just want you to know I do have your tag number and a picture of your car and I did turn in to the sheriff’s office.



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