Worthy of 'Applause'

Hold your Applause until the end.


The end of each weekend, perhaps. Or maybe the following week as each Thursday’s newspaper comes with a weekly tabloid-size insert inside.

And that is Applause – a nod to its original focus as the Arts & Entertainment section of the newspaper.

It contains the ads and the columns and the previews of the upcoming shows and performances of Augusta’s diverse arts groups.

But for the past several years, under the direction of Mary Frances Hendrix, it has taken on a Things to Do mission – offering items and calendars of events for people to go and do.

The section is accompanied each week with Augusta Live, a video segment on augustachronicle.com and our YouTube channel. Hosts Taylor Hanks and Brett Miller tell you about the best opportunities each weekend.

We supplement these weekly features each day with a calendar on Page 2A in each morning’s paper. And you can always go online to our home page or straight to events.augusta.com and find a searchable database of events. Searchable by genre, date and venue, this database also allows groups to submit their own information.

Springtime in Augusta is one of the go-and-do times of year. Just this weekend alone, you could go to the Boshears Skyfest, the Sacred Heart Garden Festival or the Benderdinker. There are also performances of To Kill a Mockingbird and The Wizard of Oz.

Our area features a wealth of artistic talent. One of the other ways we highlight a portion of that talent is with our third annual Applaud the Artist contest.

This contest – the brainchild of Mary Frances – invites readers to submit their original artwork to be featured on the cover of the Sept. 4 issue of Applause. That issue contains the fall arts season preview.

This year’s contest judges will be Keith Claussen, Applause columnist, The Artside; Todd Beasley, creative director, Morris Museum of Art; and Alan C. MacTaggart, chairman, Department of Art, Georgia Regents University.

In addition to her work on Applause, Mary Frances works on our copy desk, writing many of the clever headlines you read each Masters. She also takes on the mundane tasks of making sure the bio boxes on each golfer are updated and proofed.

She is a busy editor the first few weeks of April. So busy that one of her regular contributors to Applause called me this week to ask whether she was OK and still the Applause editor.

I assured the caller she was and wondered why she thought otherwise. She said she had left a message for her Masters Week, but hadn’t heard back. And that wasn’t like Mary Frances.

“She always calls back and makes sure my event gets in,” she said.

And that kind of service is always worth some applause.