Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


WORDS CAN NEVER express the appreciation of this 87-year-old woman for the two men who came from First Baptist Church of Augusta and cleaned the debris from the past ice storm. I had dragged some to clear the drive but still had gobs left, which they cleaned. God will bless them for their Christian spirit.


WE JUST DID OUR first Good Friday Cross Walk. It was a holy time of reflection. Thank you to the organizers and the four south Augusta churches for giving us a good opportunity to walk, pray, study the Scripture and sing praises to Jesus, the Son of God.


BIG RAVE FOR BUTT Bridge. I love the lions. Please preserve them.


MR. MICHAELS AT the Commissary at Fort Gordon is such a wonderful person. He helps people beyond his duty. I hope that Fort Gordon appreciates this man. May God bless him and his family.


A HUGE RAVE TO Marie Gunter for teaching gardening to her elementary students. What a service she is providing for the community and the children by sharing such a valuable skill and learning opportunity.


A RANT TO THE raver who paid only $7,000 for highway construction, food inspection, airline safety monitoring, military defense, pensions and medical care for seniors, water quality inspections and his/her use of recreation facilities. If all you paid in federal, state, Medicare, Medicaid, city, county and state taxes was $7,000, you need to get another job so you can pay more taxes like the rest of us.


‘THE CHRONICLE’S’ APRIL 18 editorial “Flash! Drivers have free speech rights!” expresses the viewpoint of a disgruntled adolescent who got stopped for speeding. Sorry, but there are often consequences to be faced for performing a dangerous action. As learning experiences, consequences should be memorable without resulting in someone’s injury or death. Flashing headlights to warn drivers of speed traps might be a temporarily entertaining little game, but the memory of a stiff fine, or just a stiff lecture, might last long enough to make a speeder behave more responsibly. Flashing headlights might or might not be legal, but equating that with free speech is just plain silly.


APPARENTLY SOME drivers are anticipating a “right to tailgate” law. The morons blow their horns loud and long at people who slow down to make a legal left turn.