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TO THE PERSON praising Bubba while dissing Tiger: Obviously, you also want to avoid Michaux’s column. One thing that everyone should highly praise Tiger on is that he made the announcement very late about his withdrawal or else Augusta would have suffered a withdrawal of thousands of his fans, too.


I WONDER WHETHER Bubba Watson’s sponsors will make the Waffle House take down any photos, the way Phil Mickelson’s sponsors made Krispy Kreme take down his? But then, Bubba was not wearing the Augusta National jacket like Phil was.


RAVE FOR A DREAM come true. For job reasons, I moved from Richmond County to the Northeast. Hopefully, I will find a better-run government and get some elected officials who will spend my tax money appropriately and not act like a bunch of jerks that I have become used to. It is no wonder folks are leaving Richmond County.


RANT TO PAINE College for changing their Druid Park Avenue crosswalk light to change on a timer. Now it turns every 60 seconds (even without any people crossing) and makes the cars wait at a red light for no reason.


ALVIN MASON HAS had two terms on the commission, and has not done anything positive for Augusta. He is just another arrogant politician.


VOTE FOR HELEN Blocker-Adams. Her only agenda is the betterment of all of Augusta, not just one segment of it.


EVERYONE IN AUGUSTA needs to vote no on SPLOST. They don’t know how to use the money we gave them years ago. All commissioners need to resign. None of them is doing a good job.


RAVE FOR LORI Myles mayor. Maybe a woman can change the image of the commission meetings and focus on the business at hand instead of personalities.


I’M GOING DOWN THE highway and doing the speed limit and they want me to move over so the person behind me can speed and kill himself or somebody else? I think this is the worst law that’s ever been made. It needs to be repealed.


TO THE RICHMOND County motorcycle cop who ran across the street and yelled at the driver turning into the Lodge on Heath (April 18) instead of halting traffic and helping him turn: You made a very bad impression on some very important people visiting The Garden City and the Masters Tournament. You disgraced the uniform.



Fri, 12/15/2017 - 23:54

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