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ONE OF THE REASONS Georgia is so far behind other states in the job market and many areas of life is they are stuck on stupid. They still have same desires. They haven’t got used to the black and other non-white people being in charge of things. You aren’t even able to get all your benefits from Washington, D.C. They don’t apply for all their tax benefits because they hate the black man in the White House. Still pay federal taxes and have right to work. All in an attempt slow the minorities down. Hate is a hard taskmaster.


WHO CARES THAT Chelsea “Clinton” is expecting a baby? I thought when she got married her name would be Chelsea Mezvinsky; I bet he feels left out of this.


MARC WEISER PLEASE get some help for your problem. You have an infatuation, a fetish or an addiction with the mighty UGA. You get front page coverage on Aaron Murray completing 48 of 56 throws on pro day. What about Connor Shaw at USC? What about Jerrick McKinnon at GSU, who just happened to do 32 reps of 225 pounds on the bench press and run a 4.38 40 at the NFL combine. Nobody on your beloved Dawgs could come close to that.


THANK YOU, BLYTHE Library folks, for making this very senior lady happy. I like our Blythe Fever event but your events leading up to the building of our new library shows all we are a spirited little town with some life.


THE SECTION 8 program doesn’t help the landlord or the people who are on the program with all this extreme inspection. They act like they are planning to buy the property instead of securing a decent residence for a family. They offer no solution for compensation to landlords. Each person renting the residence does not need to have an inspection. The landlord should turn on utilities and before the family moves they can take their lease have the utilities in their name.


TOTALLY AGREE WITH another RANT about the lack of journalistic skills of the liberal comic Tina Dupuy, now on the Sunday Chronicle opinion page. If you want a liberal view, at least seek out someone that can come up with validated facts, and give an adult opinion, without being a comedienne. She is not worth reading.


I WATCHED THE mayoral debate on TV last night. Augusta is in trouble. None of the candidates are qualified.


Tue, 08/22/2017 - 18:42

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