Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



A SALUTE TO ALL of the men and women of all the law enforcement agencies who once again did an excellent job directing traffic during the Masters.


I HAVE ATTENDED two mayoral forums so far. I cannot say I am all that impressed with the motivational speaker/entrepreneur running. Every answer she gives is a cliché about “bringing people together” and “moving the city forward.”


THIS IS A HUGE rant to the people who go to the Savannah Bluff Lock & Dam with six to 10 rods to fish and take up all the space placing their fishing rods around them, creating a border line for them alone. Hello, people! If you know how to fish the maximum fishing rods you need is two, one for each hand. There are other fishermen that want to enjoy a day out with their families and have the kids learn how to fish.


RAVES TO THE person who paid for the dinner my wife and I had at Cracker Barrel in Evans. We will pass it on.


IT WAS VERY NICE to have people who actually know how to drive here during the golf tournament. People who did not tailgate, speed, constantly switch lanes, and would let you out in traffic. I am talking about the people from out of town.


IT IS UTTERLY amazing how many ignorant people there are driving when it rains. They know where the switch is for the windshield wipers but not the one for the lights.


BIG RAVE TO Columbia County for the beautiful Evans Towne Center Park. Big rant to the smokers who litter this beautiful place with abundant cigarette butts; also big rant to the dog owners who refuse to clean up after their pet, even considering they provide baggies making the job very easy. It is hard to believe how little respect folks have for a place put there for the enjoyment of many.


TO THE TWO WOMEN in the loaded-down SUV who were ahead of me in the drive-through lane of the hamburger place: It shouldn’t take 10 minutes to figure out what you want to eat. They sell hamburgers! If you want to make a career of ordering, please go inside and let the cars move smoothly.


RAVE ON RAVE on for Hardie Davis. He acts like he is running for mayor. He has the backing of working people behind him. Those other folks sound like they practiced their speeches together. Folks, you’re running for mayor, not the U.S. Senate.