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DURING THE SUMMER months, “Trooper Terry” Sams would have an opening show at the Imperial Theatre, and he had prizes to distribute to Tarzan and Jane yellers, and whoever got the most raves got the prizes. He also awarded prizes by admission ticket numbers and would award prizes to children. They had 10 shows in the summertime for the children to go to at the Imperial. All you needed was a Kelly wrapper and four Pepsi tops for admission to get in, and grown people enjoyed going to them as much as the children did.


I WANT TO COMMENT on the opinion page on Sunday, “The wrong direction.” Too many Americans are losing or never finding their moral compass. Excellent article. Wonderful. Enjoyed it. You’re absolutely correct. Hit the nail on the head. The best line is, “Where is the straight talk? Where is the compass?” I’d like to see several Sunday follow-ups on this article, maybe educating people who are not parents on how to raise, teach and guide their children.


RAVES AND MORE to Al at The Augusta Chronicle and raves to my delivery person. You’re both going beyond in your service to me. Thank you and blessings.


HERE’S A BIG RAVE to a very nice young man at Fort Gordon, an active-duty soldier named Jones who went out of his way to find a wheelchair for my husband after he had surgery and the clinic he went to didn’t bother to give us a wheelchair to take him out to the car (this is after anesthesia, mind you). What the brilliant medical personnel at the clinic couldn’t figure out, this young man did, and took steps to rectify the situation.


WEST AUGUSTA IS like Atlanta: high-priced, crowded. No room to breathe. No country. Everything is high. You can have west Augusta. We’d rather stay in south Augusta where we can breathe and enjoy ourselves. We experience the best of life. You can have that crowded junk over there in west Augusta, because we don’t want no part of it over here.


TO THE PERSON who was wondering why white police officers discharge their guns more at blacks than whites, because most of those who are causing the problem are also armed.


THE POLICE HAVE been out in full force recently, but don’t expect me to warn you speeders by flashing my lights. That’s as illegal as your speeding, and you should know better. Slow down and stop endangering the rest of us.



Mon, 10/23/2017 - 18:35

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