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CAN THE MASTERS come up with different music on their broadcast other than the song by Loggins? I understand the Masters does not like change, but.... Come on!


NOW THAT WE SEE the article that noted hundreds of badges confiscated the past three years alone, does that mean there will be more chances at badge purchases?


A BIG RANT TO University Health Care. Although most employees there try their best, they are terribly overworked-- with little or no light at the end of the tunnel. I understand the impacts of Medicare reimbursements, impacts of Obamacare, etc...., but we all know that none of us want stressed out, overworked professionals taking care of us on any level of care. At any time, any of us or our loved ones will require hospital care. It is frightening to know what goes on inside that building.


THIS IS FOR THE PERSON that put a rant about the churches not giving free food away. It’s required by state law that we get identification showing where you live. We had people at our church coming every day, getting food and then going back to south Augusta and selling it. Our job is to feed the needy, not the greedy.


IN TODAY’S RANTS and raves they were talking about news being about the gays coming out and making news. I think the gays should have stayed in the closet. It would have been much better for everybody. I think, just stayed in the closet, where they should be.


I THINK IT WAS TERRIBLE, that child standing there at the Augusta National, getting autographs not for herself but for her parents. She had no idea who the people were, but for her daddy. Shame on daddy for taking advantage of the little girl, that Augusta National has been so nice in allowing children to come in. Shame on that daddy for using her.


PLEASE INFORM the writer of the letter to the editor entitled “Push penny sales tax,” that the first sales tax, enacted in South Carolina, was 2 percent and that its sole purpose was for new school construction. Give them an inch and they will take a mile. Or better yet, give them 2 cents and they will take 8 cents.



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