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I AGREE FORT GORDON needs to cut down on speeding and write more tickets, but I am tired of seeing all the young troops speeding by on their cellphones, which is also against the law on fort.


RAVES FOR THE CITY of North Augusta for putting up more speed limit signs on West Woodlawn Avenue. Now if the city will only send someone out to teach these educated drivers how to read.


RAVES TO BARBARA ORR, of Harlem, a very kind and caring person. She attends the Methodist church in Harlem and looks out for other people.


WILL YOU PLEASE change the Rants & Raves section to the Fox News talking points section?


A HUGE RAVE FOR BETTY at Radio Shack in North Augusta. She went above and beyond the call of duty to give excellent customer service to my mother.


THE CIA DID A REPORT on harsh interrogation techniques. The report cost $40 million. Can any report honestly cost $40 million?


A RAVE FOR THE Affordable Care Act! It hit its target of signing up more than 7 million people. The critics were wrong. Obamacare is providing health care for millions of Americans who otherwise would not be covered.


WHY DEVOTE THE front page of the paper to that egomaniac Tiger Woods? That belongs on the sports page, not the front page.


WHAT A WONDERFUL Masters Tournament this week! The participants were stellar, and do you know why? It’s because the Masters did not consider Tiger Woods the star of the tournament. We watched outstanding golfers who displayed their splendid skills, professionalism, without profanity and histrionics such as throwing clubs and spouting profanity.


WHEN WILL DANIEL Martin run for the Augusta Commission? He is the only one with enough guts to stand up to the Democrats on the commission.


WITH ALL THE THINGS that Augusta tried to improve just before the Masters each year, why can’t you try to improve the Fifth Street bridge coming off of Broad Street where there’s a hump big enough for a Evel Knievel jump and potholes running through it? Why don’t you fix the Fifth Street bridge for next year? Start now.



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