Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



RAVES TO MS. CANDY at the Belair/Columbia Road Wells Fargo. A very nice and polite teller and cashier at the bank. Always so nice and polite when I go over there. She cares about the customers. Always makes the customers feel welcome and always addresses me by name.


I’D LIKE TO THANK Bill and Sylvia for their writing, it’s super. I wanted to mention the best kept secret in Augusta is the Medical College of Dentistry. They were well beyond professional in how efficient in everything they did. If folks only knew how fortunate we are to have them, it wouldn’t be a secret.


PLEASE EXPLAIN: It is illegal to sell my ticket for face value or even less to another person, but it is perfectly fine to sell it to a licensed seller who then will scalp the buyer to no end? A fine law!


TO THE ONES WHO are complaining about the Patch and roses. I say send prisoners out there to clean up the Patch and plant a new rose bush. And send prisoners to clean up all of south Augusta, as well. That way it’ll reduce their time and their fines as well. They’d get fresh air and sunshine as well.


THERE ARE TOO MANY heart-broken children standing in line for hours trying to get an autograph from their favorite golfer for the Masters to continue this scenario. The area should not be there as most of the golfers wouldn’t even look up and acknowledge them. What a pity.


SO THE RANTER CALLS Tiger Woods diseased and thanked God Tiger was not there. The ranter is the one with a mental disease – or two. She/he’s a great reason to not believe in any God possible because she/he worships one to claim his/her fellow man diseased and to imply that is God’s purpose. There cannot be a God who would supposedly preach morals and values but permit someone with a diseased mind and heart to preach something different from his so-called works.


I’M NOT SURE FOR all the reasons but it was wonderful to be able to ride the city buses on Washington Road and NOT be late! So I’m glad the Augusta National purchased property to set up as free parking for their patrons and for whoever in the city worked out the traffic.


THERE IS WAY TOO much going on to complain about a private club permitting smoking in their vast area. Will that complainer please turn in his/her Masters ticket so someone can draw it?