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LAST WEEK I HEARD a GRU student saying she was required to go to a play with lots of profanity in it. And this week I read that GRU is showing a film called Transgendered Tuesdays. What is going on?


I WISH SOMEONE WOULD tell the media that the Masters Tournament went on before Tiger Woods and it will continue for a long time after Tiger Woods. Thank goodness he didn’t put his diseased body in Augusta. Hurray. Thank you, Lord.


THIS NONSENSE ABOUT Ike’s Tree is not important. Our farmers are being shot at by police because they can’t use the grassland for their cows. And somebody else is being arrested that’s selling milk. Raw milk.


THIS IS A RAVE TO THE gentleman that wrote in The Augusta Chronicle this week welcoming everybody to Augusta for the Masters Golf Tournament. He’s thanking a former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and all the other tournament committee members for regulating this spectacle. We welcome you. That’s admirable to give Ms. Condoleezza Rice first credit, who is a new provisional invitee member, but I think he should have thanked Mr. Billy Payne for such a well orchestrated organization.


I HAD MY FIRST VISIT to the Masters on Tuesday. The grounds and facilities were beautiful, all the employees were very friendly. The only problem was all the smoking around me, especially the sickly smell of cigar smoke. I cannot believe they still allow public smoking everywhere. Really a bummer for a nonsmoker.


CAN ANY NEWS station report the news. Then again what is news? The biggest news in Augusta this week is the Masters Tournament. A local station had a report of what people were wearing. National news is who’s coming out of the closet today and announcing it on national news as the host for the morning show. They can finally breathe that we all know they have partners. Looks like that closet was very cramped.

Now, is this news?


RICHMOND COUNTY COMMISSIONERS need to resign and we need some decent people need to run who are qualified for the job. With the ones we have we are not growing.



Wed, 11/22/2017 - 18:38

Rants and raves