Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


HERE WE GO AGAIN. South Augusta is the last to get everything. It had the mayor’s forum already passed over the city with the exception of the Diamond Lakes area. We are in south Augusta. How come we’re being treated like stepchildren? We are always the last people to get anything.


THIS IS A RANT FOR the lady in Golden Corral on April 4. Honey, we feel your pain. It’s awful to have a disabled child. But sweetheart, the world does not revolve around your every single mood. You were rude. You called managers names. You were rude to the customers and the employees. You need to keep your hiney home and cook supper because you are one miserable lady.


IT’S UNFORTUNATE, your article about farmers not granted individual storm aid. This country probably doesn’t understand what hunger is all about. It’s disgusting. Farmers should be first in this country.


WHAT HAS HAPPENED to Richmond County schools? A lot of teachers are breaking the laws with drugs and other unlegal things and then my 11-year-old grandson in the sixth grade gets jumped on by an eighth-grader, beat down to the ground. All the students are calling the teacher, who’s nowhere around. What kind of school system do we have? God help us.


SUNDAY, MARCH 30, at Cracker Barrel in Evans, you paid for my lunch. What a blessing you were. I will never forget your kindness. May God bless you. I appreciate it greatly.


I WENT TO A neighborhood meeting and lots of neighbors complained about barking dogs. There’s a saying, “Only a dead dog is an obedient dog.” Keep your puppies close and keep them quiet.


I’M NOT SO GULLIBLE as to believe this thing with the plane. Ever hear about Diego Garcia?


I’D LIKE TO THANK Glynn Moore for his article about his dad in the April 7 Chronicle. Wonderful, wonderful article.


WITH ALL THE LIES that are being told in the capital, they should make April Fool’s Day a national holiday.


WHEN THEY HAD the ice storm they warned people against price gouging. I guess the Masters doesn’t count. People are paying $400 for an $80 room. Now, if they allow price gouging during the Masters, why should they exempt anybody else?