Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


RUSSIAN PRESIDENT Putin is playing three dimensional chess while our clueless leader is playing marbles.


OH THE INCONGRUITY of it all. People can spew vitriol against the Truths of the Bible, and it is considered free speech. Christians can quote the Truths of the Bible, and it is called hate speech.


IF YOU CAN’T TRUST your drug dealer to not rip you off, who can you trust these days? Certainly not the President.


CHIEF JONES IS DOING an excellent job in the City of Harlem. I would just like to clarify the City of Harlem rides on the back of the county residents and has for quite some time. County residents pay twice the amount for water and garbage as do city residents. Also the Citizens on Patrol should be renamed City on Patrol – this newly developed program does not patrol the county – only the city. I am a citizen of Harlem, but this newly developed program does not patrol my area in the county. Also because we have a “city” and “county” – the county residents cannot vote for the Mayor or other city officials. This is submitted with no name because I don’t want to end up on someone’s black list.


IF THE “THUNDER” SHOW is going to stay in Evans, that should be renamed “Thunder Over Evans.” Why is it still using the name of Augusta?


DON’T WANT ANOTHER Bush. Don’t want another Clinton. Don’t want another Obama. I loathe re-runs.


GODLY ANGEL SENT to us, by the name of a Ginger, words can not explain, the compassion you showed to my family the morning of 4-7-2014 in circle k gas station. I read the bible the other night about kindness. Sometimes crying is healing, u showed me that god sees the suffering of being a mother of a severely ill child. If I ever see you again I will give you a hug, because of u I know god hears my worries. GOD BLESS, out of nowhere you came, my god give you back ten fold, may we meet again,


SO SOME COLLEGE athletes are trying to unionize – good for them. The NCAA, coaches, and suits and ties are making Billions Of dollars off of their endeavors. The kids get next to nothing. Time to share the pot of gold.


IF THE OBAMAS CAN take time from their travels, I’d love to have them plant a big kiss on me. Yes. Right where the sun don’t shine.


THE BASEBALL STADIUM in Richmond, Va., is a no no. What would they say if it was a basketball stadium?


LAST WEEK I HEARD a GRU student saying she was required to go to a play with lots of profanity in it. And this week I read that GRU is showing a film called Transgendered Tuesdays. What is going on?


THIS IS A RANT FOR THE Augusta National. I have friends that came here all the way from Canada. They got rained out today, but yet they’re telling them they can’t buy anything tomorrow with their tickets they had today. That just shows how greedy the National Golf Course is and how greedy Augusta is. These people spent money to come all the way from Canada. It wasn’t their fault it rained.


I WISH SOMEONE WOULD tell the media that the Masters tournament went on before Tiger Woods and it will continue for a long time after Tiger Woods. Thank goodness he didn’t put his diseased body in Augusta. Hurray. Thank you, Lord.


THIS NONSENSE ABOUT Ike’s Tree is not important. Our farmers are being shot at by police because they can’t use the grassland for their cows. And somebody else is being arrested that’s selling milk. Raw milk.


THIS IS A RAVE TO THE gentleman that wrote in The Augusta Chronicle this week welcoming everybody to Augusta for the Masters golf tournament. He’s thanking a former secretary of state Condaleeza Rice and all the other tournament committee members for regulating this spectacle. We welcome you. That’s admirable to give Ms. Condaleeza Rice first credit, who is a new provisional invitee member, but I think he should have thanked Mr. Billy Payne for such a well orchestrated organization.