Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:



MANY, MANY THANKS to the soldier who found my pocketbook I had left in my buggy in the parking lot at Wal-Mart. You turned it in and made an old woman very happy! We need more people like you. May God richly bless you!!


RAVES TO MS. SMOOT, a professor at Georgia Regents University. She is a wonderful teacher. My son told me what a good job she does. Thank you so much.


A RECENT NEWSPAPER article mentioned that an individual was obtaining insurance for 48 cents a month, while a currently running commercial mentions that another individual received insurance for free. I’m happy that people are being covered, but I’m wondering how Obama is going to pay for this … more loans from China?


I’M SERIOUSLY TRYING to understand how three officers and cars are going to help curb aggressive driving 24/7/365 on as many miles of road as there are in Richmond County. And when they look like they are more inclined to be used for DUI convictions as they are to be handing out tickets for speeding and aggressive driving? Just another PR job to make people think this state cares about public safety on their highways when their own new laws say otherwise.


I’D LIKE TO SEE THE newspaper report about all these people who got these big raises when they shut down certain departments. Why aren’t these people doing their jobs? They’re pushing it over on the little man, and they didn’t get a raise. It’s like they are trying to make the maintenance department disappear.


IF MR. RYAN WANTS to balance the budget, stop Michelle from spending $25 million on all these trips she’s taking. And by the way, the Chinese didn’t want them there anymore.


RANT FOR OUR ELECTED officials in Washington. If Obamacare is such a wonderful thing, why aren’t they signing up for it? Let’s get them on it and then we’ll see how good it really is. It’s kind of like their retirement plan: Social Security is good enough for us but it’s not good enough for them. Obamacare is going to fit under that same category.


THIS IS A RANT FOR our present government: Chamberlain needs to move over and let Churchill take over.


LESS THAN 2 PERCENT of America’s uninsured now have insurance through Obama(doesn’t)Care. Yep, that’s real progress.


BEN CARSON FOR president!