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I SEE OBAMA WANTS to arm the Syrian opposition. What right does he have to do that?


RANT OF THE MAJORITY of politicians in office today. The greatest country in the world is on the verge of becoming the trash dump of the world. We have people in office today who will sell this country’s future for a voter in the next election. We need to clean house.


THANK YOU, PRESIDENT Obama. I pray you will bring all these troops home before you leave office. You are doing a good job. The economy is getting better. End all the wars before you leave office. You are a great president. Thank you and I love you.


SOUTH AUGUSTA PAYS taxes for what? Just so they can waste our money. We need better grocery stores like Publix, and our other grocery stores need to be updated. More businesses and a new mall on this side of town. Clean up all of Richmond County, Gordon Highway, Mike Padgett, Deans Bridge and Peach Orchard have been ignored. We do not have commissioners who represent all the people. I say fire them all and hire people with integrity and knows how to work hard for their money. Serve all the people and not just some.


MAYOR COPENHAVER says “diversity has always been what the (prayer) breakfasts were about.” Ironic, when one would think the purpose of a prayer breakfast would be about praying.


SEVEN MILLION SIGNED up for health care! What about the other 35 million?? Wasn’t 100 percent insured the goal of Obamacare? The people with insurance pay for the health care of the uninsured. The employers who don’t provide insurance make their profits at the expense of those who provide coverage. America is light years behind Europe where everybody, employer and employee, pay their share, and where insurances have recognized that “preventive maintenance” saves them a lot of money in the long run.


TO THE PARENTS OF the young ladies in the black VW bug in Belvedere – I doubt that you intended for it to hold so many girls that they were sitting on each other’s laps in the front seat and perhaps the back. The car was driven well but this just looked unsafe, and as a parent I’d want to know this if it were my kids.


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Rants and raves

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