Gogick: Enjoy our Masters special section responsibly

The Augusta Chronicle has been covering the Masters Tournament since before it came into being.


Sunday’s editions, both print and digital, will contain our annual preview section. It is the latest chapter in our coverage.

The paper you read every day is seen the world over as the leading source of journalism for the world’s premier sporting event.

When something happens on the course, our award-winning photographers and reporters capture the action and add context.

Sunday’s 60-page section prepares you for what lies ahead. In those pages, you will see the collective golf knowledge of this institution.

And you will be treated to the specific golf knowledge of our own Big Three – Sports Editor John Boyette, lead golf writer David Westin and sports columnist Scott Michaux. Both in Sunday’s paper and throughout the week.

Scott takes you with him to Australia for 2013 Masters champion Adam Scott’s homecoming. “One for Australia” is a comprehensive look at that country’s quest to win a green jacket.

John Boyette, who wrote the book on the 1986 Mas­ters, examines the storied history of Ike’s Tree. He also offers an analysis on Holes 13 and 15 – looking at the importance they have played on Sunday afternoons.

For me, the Masters means a chance to work closely with these writers and other staff members in a concentrated effort.

But mostly, it means working again with David Westin, our longtime golf writer. He has covered the Masters for this newspaper since the late 1970s. And he has been writing the main story for each day’s tournament coverage since the mid-1980s. He also caddied part time at Augusta National back then.

In the 1990s, David’s preferred method of writing was to leave the golf course’s media center and head downtown each night.

He never announced his arrival or declared where he would sequester himself. But part of my job each night was to find David and ask him two important questions: What’s the focus of your story? When will you be done with it?

The answer to the second question was always, “What time do you need it?”

But the answer to the first question was insightful. Facts and figures of the day’s round. Historical perspective. Quotes and anecdotes of interaction with players and caddies. And David would always test out his first few lines on me.

It was a preview to the treat the subscribers of The Chronicle got each morning.

It was a peek behind the scenes at Augusta National that only a former caddie with a deep appreciation for what the players do and how they do it could deliver.

David delivers in tomorrow’s section with a series of articles on Georgia golfers.

In the morning, the culmination of a year’s work will be in your driveways, on your apps or at augusta.com. It really is a special section. Please enjoy responsibly.




Sat, 11/25/2017 - 00:06

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