Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


SOUTH AUGUSTA IS last again. All of the debris from the ice storm is still sitting in front of houses on Circular Drive and many other streets. West Augusta and areas across the river have had their areas cleaned up two or three times. Who is supposed to be monitoring this?


THANK YOU FOR saying something about Bob Young’s hair. He needs to cut it. He looks unkempt.


OUR NATION IS BROKE – no money for our military, MOX, preserving historic sites, etc. Leave it to our Congress to pass a $1 billion aid package for Ukraine.


RAVE TO KAREN GORDON for stepping forward and creating the ParTEE on the Green downtown after the Greater Au­gus­ta Arts Council pulled the plug on the Par-3 After Party. It does not appear Gordon is having trouble finding volunteers to make this a success. Now the arts council wants millions from the next special purpose local option sales tax. Considering the track record with events such as First Friday and the Par-3 party, they should not get one dime from the tax.


A RAVE FOR ALL the Doctors Hospital ER staffers on March 30. The staff, especially Dr. Oester, was fabulous and thorough with treating my mother. Quality, timely service.


YOU CAN BET THAT you have more rants than raves on this column. That should tell you something right there.


RICHMOND COUNTY HAS gone to the dogs. No wonder everybody is moving to Columbia County. And even Columbia County is too close to Richmond County.


RANT TO THE GUY WHO said something about Bob Young’s hair. Leave him alone. At least he can grow some.


HARLEM DOESN’T appreciate their volunteers. You pay your pastors, but you need to take care of your volunteers, too. If you don’t pay them, you should at least have fresh coffee and doughnuts. If you don’t take care of your volunteers, you will have to get paid workers.


BEWARE, TAXPAYERS! When land acquisition personnel come to acquire your land for their projects, record all conversations or you might end up being sued with your own tax money. Be informed; your land will be theirs for a few hundred dollars.


HAVE PRISONERS TEAR down those houses. Why should we have to pay for it? And they should clean the cemeteries, too.