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RANT TO AUGUSTA Commission member Alvin Mason for not helping south Augusta with getting limbs picked up. A check of Mason’s subdivision revealed there wasn’t a limb nowhere. It’s bad enough that we didn’t get our area cleaned, but Jefferson Electric is adding to the problem with leaving the limbs lying when they trim the power lines. We don’t need you for mayor.


PARKING METERS WERE what killed Broad Street to start with. People shopped at the shopping centers to keep from having to pay to park. It will hurt business. I am against parking meters downtown.


I’M IN FAVOR OF parking meters downtown. I can’t ever find a parking place. If they had to pay they would get their vehicles out of there like they’re supposed to. People park down there all day.


YOUR EDITORIAL WAS excellent. President Obama needs to hit the road and Michelle needs to get lost.


THE HARLEM POLICE chief is not doing that much for the citizens. He is trying to make a name for himself.


I CAN’T BELIEVE someone thinks that homeowners should get out there and sweep the street. The point is that a city this big has only two street sweepers. It just fills up the sewers.


IT WOULD BE nice to have the spring training records in the paper. Baseball deserves as much coverage as basketball and football.


IT’S NICE TO SEE parents caring about their children’s education but you have to be more realistic and consider what is best for the entire system. There is nothing wrong about being nostalgic but you will have to accept the changes that life presents us. The two-room schoolhouse I went to 65 years ago no longer exists. It has long been combined with other nearby schools and has become a better school. Life changes, things change and, more important, the cost of maintaining educational facilities has become astronomically high compared to the past. Taxpayers are having a hard time dealing with all the other things our government is doing.


EVERY TIME I hear the name Jimmy Kimmel, I change the channel.



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