Technology makes news easier than ever to access, take with you

Imagination drives changes in technology.


If you catch a rerun of any of the Star Trek franchises on cable television, you will see what look like cellphones, iPads, smartphones and the modern Internet being used in Gene Roddenberry’s future world.

It seems beamed transportation, computer-replicated food and touching a lapel pin to call home are the only things left.

Maybe scratch that last one off. Wearable technology like Dick Tracy’s is here. Computers are phones and phones are in watches.

You may have heard about Google Glass – eyeglass frames sans lenses with a camera strapped to one side.

I had my first encounter with Google Glass on Thurs­day. Sitting across from a colleague, he was explaining the things the ‘Glass’ did as he put them on and winked at me.

“I just took your picture,” he said.

It was a little creepy. But when he e-mailed me the picture, it was of good quality, apart from the subject matter.

Mobile information is a large part of many people’s lives. Look around you at restaurants and retailers and see the people whose heads are down, looking at tiny screens.

At home, every time I look at my phone, my wife asks “Are you at work?”

Sometimes I am. Check­ing e-mail or The Augusta Chronicle’s Twitter account (@AUG_Chronicle). And other times, I am checking sports scores on our app or keeping up with the latest news on the mobile site.

Two great ways to take The Chronicle with you.

The advent of Masters Week in Augusta is a time of preparation. A time of getting your yards and homes ready for guests. A time of getting retailers and restaurants ready for the influx of customers. A time of vacation planning and packing for parents of school-age children lucky enough to take advantage of spring break.

Taking The Chronicle with you also requires a little preparation.

First, keep your subscription going for your house guests. Second, make sure your digital account is unlocked.

Third, download the app or bookmark the site on your mobile device.

Our mobile site had a makeover about a month ago and now features a stream of latest news and updates of other items posted throughout the day.

Or download the appropriate app for your device (Android, iPhone or iPad) free from the right app store. Once downloaded, you will need your activated, digital account to log in. You can keep up with the obituaries, latest news, photo galleries, videos and so much more.

For those with an iPad, the daily Chronicle edition looks exactly like the paper version, but with many
enhancements – such as photo galleries and video built in.

Although not ready to wear, your Chronicle can go wherever your imagination takes you.



Thu, 11/23/2017 - 17:28

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